RSG-Large Pouch
Internet Special!!!! Half price on Large Zipper Sugar Glider Pouches with any size Glider Grub purchase, normally $24.95. Refresh Screen for Additional Specials


Cheek's Custom Cages is  running a special on Aviaries. As seen on the "DIY Network - Family Under Construction". Browse through some of our aviary products and make a purchase online or call and get  " 10% DISCOUNT ON 8' OCTAGON AND 4' & 6' HEXAGON AVIARIES"  your choice. 

    Offer expires September 30th, 2014


Cheek's Custom Cages is your one stop shopping for all of your animal cage needs. We build standard cages for all small exotic and domestic animals and as well as other critters. We can also build to your designs and specifications. Prices for your designs are quoted quickly and your order can be shipped by FedEx Ground,USPS,or common carrier(LTL). Due to rising fuel costs and the never ending fuel surcharges that are currently effecting shipping, we will shop your freight for the best possible rate before we contact you to confirm your order.

 Just a reminder, we make replacement litter pans.


               An Authorized Distributor of


              C.E. Shepherd Company, L.P.

                    Welded Wire Products 

C.E. Shepherd Company guarantees genuine Shepherd wire products meet or exceed cage standards

                                USDA - APHIS

Animal Welfare Act & Animal Welfare Regulations  -  Part 3 - Standards, subpart A, 3.1 - 3.13 (Nov. 2005)

Trade Days - August 4, 2014
You can find us at First Monday Trade Days in Canton,Texas - Friday, August 29th,Saturday,August 30th, and Sunday,August 31st on Dog Alley. Come see our cages and critters
Holiday Schedule - August 2, 2014
Our next scheduled closing will be on Monday,September 1st in observance of Labor Day. We will be monitoring emails and web site
Wholesale Pricing - August 1, 2014
We offer wholesale pricing to resellers upon request. Just contact We can also drop ship directly to your customers.
Special Sugar Glider Package - August 1, 2014
Baby Sugar Glider (any sex), SG-2, 18x18x24 pvc cage, Supply Kit with (2) bowls, water bottle, bonding pouch,Sugar Glider book, Heat Rock, sample of protein pellets and vitamins, everything you need - $350.00

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