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Custom Dog Crates for SUV'S & Trucks

We are real excited about our custom Dog Crates for SUV'S and Trucks. They are made of 1" x 1" 12 gauge black PVC wire and come with or without sliding litter pans. We recommend powder coating the litter pans for longevity as well as for appearance.  We also offer fiberglass liners in place of pans and customized door placement. All we need are the dimensions of the area you wish to place your crates in. We are very flexible in trying to customize the crates to your needs.

We can build foldable or collapsible crates upon request, however we like to stress to the customer that it takes away from the strength and durability of the crate. That is also why we build strictly with 1" x 1" PVC 12 gauge wire. We want the animals to be safe.