Panel Kennels & Individual Panels
    Folding Dog Kennels
    Portable Puppy Play Pens
    Dog Training Crate
    Dog Breeder Kennel, 36"x24"x19"
    Dog Breeder Kennel, Solid Dividers, 36"x24"x19"
    Dog Breeder Kennel, Removable Dividers, 36"x24"x19"
    Dog Breeder Kennel 48"x24"x19"
    Dog Breeder Kennel, Solid Dividers, 48"x24"x19"
    Dog Breeder Kennel, Removable Dividers, 48"x24"x19"
    Dog Breeder Kennel 48"x24"x24"
    Dog Breeder Kennel, Solid Dividers, 48"x24"x24"
    Dog Breeder Kennel, Removable Dividers, 48"x24"x24"
    Dog Grooming Special
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Welcome to the Cheek's Custom Cages all new Dog Kennel section of the Custom Cage Gallery.

CHEEK'S CUSTOM CAGES offers a wide variety of cages and kennels as well as supplies for Mans Best Friend. All of our dog cages are made of PVC coated wire because it is easily cleaned, and is easier on the animal's feet. Since the welded joints of the wire are coated, it leaves no spaces for dirt, debris, and parasites to accumulate. It also won't catch the dog's hair and pull it out. The PVC will stand up to bleach or any other disinfectant. Also, the urine will not deteriorate the PVC coated wire like it will galvanized wire. Cages built with PVC coated wire will outlast galvanized wire cages many times over. All but the smallest of our puppy cages are built of 12 gauge PVC coated wire for strength. It costs a little more for 12 gauge wire as opposed to 14 gauge wire, but the strength is well worth it.

In the thumbnail pictures at the left you will find many of our standard products from which to choose.

  • We offer a few sizes of folding kennels made of the PVC coated wire.
  • We offer portable puppy playpens.
  • We offer puppy carrying cages.
  • We offer various sizes of training crates, also useful in the back of an SUV.
  • We offer many varieties of multi-hole, multi-level breeding and whelping cages.
  • We offer Custom kennels and cages of all sorts.
  • We offer outdoor Kennel Panels that are assembled with our special clamp kits.
  • We build on site, breeder facilities with complete wash-out drains leading into your septic system. These feature auto-watering systems, outdoor runs, doggy doors, and large feeders.
  • We offer a wide variety of dog kennel accessories and components to help you build your own cages and breeder facilities.

Concerning special orders: Our name is Cheek's Custom Cages, and we live up to that name. If you do not see exactly what you need in this sampling of items, please do not hesitate to contact us for special order quotes. Perhaps you just need a small change to one of our standard cages. NO PROBLEM. In many cases the additional cost will be minimal and often nothing. Perhaps you need a totally different cage or product. NO PROBLEM. We are here to help you with any designs or ideas. We do not charge for special quotes. If your special order is a single cage or a multi-unit, just fill out a Cage Quote Request Form, and we will respond with a quote. If your project is a large or complicated one, just email your information or call to speak with our staff to get a quote.

No matter how big or small, we want an opportunity to earn your business.

Panel Dog Kennels & Individual Panels
Folding Dog Kennels
Portable Puppy Play Pens
Dog Training Crate
Dog Breeder Kennel 36"x24"x19"
Dog Breeder Kennel, Solid Dividers 36"x24"x19"
Dog Breeder Kennel, Removable Dividers 36"x24"x19"
Dog Breeder Kennel 48"x24"x19"
Dog Breeder Kennel, Solid Dividers 48"x24"x19"
Dog Breeder Kennel, with Removable Dividers 48"x24"x19"
Dog Breeder Kennel 48"x24"x24"
Dog Breeder Kennel, with Solid Dividers 48"x24"x24"
Dog Breeder Kennel, with Removable Dividers 48"x24"x72"
Dog Grooming Special