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Sugar Glider Cages

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Welcome to the Cheek's Custom Cages all new Sugar Glider Custom Cage Gallery!

Click on any thumbnail image on the left to see an enlargement of that picture and for specifications and pricing.

In this section, we start with the small cages that can be used for specific purposes with Sugar Gliders, and then show the rest in an order that ascends in size.  Please look throughout the section before making your selection.  Sugar Gliders should be given the largest cage that you can afford that will fit in your home easily.  We make it easy to select your perfect cage because in each cage category you can choose from a wide variety of custom options, designing the cage to suit your budget or your dreams.

Also, don't forget to consider a stand for your Sugar Glider's cage.  They are arboreal animals and do not want to be placed on the floor.  If you don't already have an elevated place upon which to put your cage, get one of our stands.  They are made of triple galvanized steel tubing and are powder coated black, and have casters for ease of moving the cage for cleaning, etc.

Cheek's Custom Cages is a cage manufacturing business. We build standard and custom cages for most animals that are held in captivity. In about 1993 we saw Sugar Gliders for the first time and fell in love with them. We started buying all of them we could afford, and have become, over the years, a major breeder and supplier of baby Sugar Gliders. We think they make wonderful pets for people who will take a little time, and expend a little energy, to learn about them.  Be sure to see the Sugar Glider section of our Animal Gallery, when you have seen this cage section.

Concerning this cage section: If you do not see a cage that suits your needs, please fill out a Cage Quote Request Form with your specifications so that we can quote your project. No matter how big or small, we want an opportunity to earn your business.

Sugar Glider Apartment 4 24"x18"x24"
This is a Sugar Glider Apartment, 24"x18"x24". It is built of 1"x1/2" 16 gauge pvc wire with wire dormer, chimney and roof. It has an 8"x8" door ...
Sugar Glider Folding Cage, 24x18x18
The Sugar Glider folding cage, 24"x18"x18", is constructed of 1"x1/2" 16 gauge PVC wire and collapses into a 2" outside litter pan. It has a 8"x8...
Sugar Glider Travel Cage (Collapsible)10"x10"x10"
Just the thing for the well equipped Sugar Glider on the go. This travel cage is collapsible, and can be put into a suitcase and easily set up once you arrive at your hotel or othe...
Trucker's Travel Cage 14"x11"x24"
Sugar Gliders are becoming the pet of choice for over the road truck drivers.  They are very easy to travel with and as always, are the best of companion pets.  We design...
Sugar Glider Standard Cage 18"x18"x24"
Custom Cages designed this cage in 1993 to meet the needs of Sugar Gliders. It is our most popular cage for Sugar Gliders, and has become the standard for them. Many other cage bui...
Sugar Glider Apartment 1 18"x18"x24"
This is the smallest of our Sugar Glider Apartment Series. It is 18"x18"x24" and is made of 1"x1/2" PVC coated wire, in green, black, and red. By using the...
Sugar Glider Apartment 1 Tall 18"x18"x36"
In the line of our Sugar Glider Apartment Series this is the most popular size.  It is 18"x18"x36" and is made of 1"x1/2" PVC coated wire, in gre...
Sugar Glider Apartment 4 Tall 24"x18"x36"
This Sugar Glider Apartment is 24"x18"x36" and is made of 1"x1/2" PVC coated wire, in green, black, and red. By using the option features you can also requ...
Sugar Glider Apartment 5 Medium 24"x24"x36"
This Sugar Glider Apartment is 24"x24"x36".  This cage gives your Sugar Gliders plenty of room to have a wheel, ropes, logs, branches, and toys.  Of course...
Sugar Glider Apartment 5 Tall 24"x24"x48"
This is the tallest of our standard Sugar Glider Apartment Series. It is the same cage as the previous cage except that it is 48" tall rather than 36" tall.  It is 2...
Sugar Glider Colonial Estate 24"x18"X36"
This cage style is called the Colonial Estate.  It is one of the newest designs from Custom Cages. They are available in three sizes.  This one is 24"x18"x36&qu...
Sugar Glider Colonial Estate 36"x18"x36"
This is the middle size Colonial Estate.  It is 36"x18"x36".  If you have one spoiled sugar glider, or several regular sugar gliders, this cage is for you....
Sugar Glider Colonial Estate 48"x18"x48"
This is the largest size of the Colonial Estate Series.  It is 48"x18"x48".  If you have one spoiled sugar glider, or several regular sugar gliders, t...
Sugar Glider Pagoda Cage 24"x24"x37"
This "24x24x37" Sugar Glider cage maximizes the space and is a very attractive design. Due to the way the roof is shaped, you also have maximum exposure for viewing your ...
Sugar Glider Breeder Unit with up to 20 Compartments (4 comp default)
We have gone through many generations of breeder cages over the years, and have redesigned the cage many times as we thought of improvements. We now build, what we think (and ...