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Cat Cages

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Cheek's Custom Cages has been building quality cages for a large variety of animals since 1992.  One of the animal lines that we have been developing and improving over these years, is the Cat Cage line. We offer a wide variety of breeder cages, play cages, holding cages, and drying cages. In addition to our standard cages, we can custom design and build cages to any specifications our customers may need. The breeders that try our cages, love them.

The cages are safe with very secure door latches, no sharp edges, large doors, and solid dividers in the multiple cage units (no fighting or being distracted by the neighboring cats).

The cages are clean due to the PVC coated wire, and the sliding dropping pans. The PVC coated wire provides a smooth surface, even at the welds, so that there is no place for the cat's hair to get caught, or for dirt, debris, and parasites to accumulate. The PVC wire will not rust or deteriorate, and can be cleaned with any disinfectant without damage to the coating. The sliding dropping pan provides a smooth surface for the cat to walk upon, and unlike most cat cages, is so easy to clean (just slide it out, and wipe it down). No more crawling half into the cage to get to those back corners. We also have optional fiberglass inserts that can be bought for each pan. They not only make the cage quiet when the cat drops down to the pan, but are also easily removed and wiped off.

The cages are strong due to the designs, and the materials. Most of the cat cages are made of 1"x1" 14 gauge PVC coated wire. We now offer all of our breeder cages out of 2"x1" 12 gauge PVC coated wire. This wire makes a very solid and secure cage. The doors all have two swing latches securing the doors by means of receivers that we manufacture.

The cages are also portable by means of our solid metal stands on casters. The stands are made out of 1"x1" square steel tubing, and 1"x1" angle iron, then powder coated black, and fitted with 4 easy rolling casters.

Below you will find a few of our standard cat cages (click image for details). Modifications can be made in order to accommodate your needs. Special orders are always welcome. Just give us your thoughts and we will help you design it if needed, and then give a firm quote, including freight if needed. We also do entire catteries. You provide the building, and we can build the inside cages with or without outside runs.

Please note that these cages have many other animal applications. Many of them will also house smaller Monkeys, Iguanas, Squirrels, Kinkajous, etc.

Exercise Cage
Cats love and need outside time, but quite often it isn't safe or desirable to let them out of doors. Try one of CCC walk-in cages. This is an example of one of our Octagons. This ...
Cat Drying Cage
This cage serves many purposes. It is a convenient carrying cage for travel to and from shows, the vet, and travel in general. It is also a drying cage. It has a 3" raised flo...
Cattery 1
Custom Cages can custom build a Cattery to your specifications. This is an example of one Cattery we built for a customer. These are the outside cages that will soon be attached to...
Cat Palace
This is one of our most popular cat cages due to it's size and the great interest it holds for the cats that are fortunate enough to have one. It is 44"x30"x72" (55 ...
Cat Breeder Cage, 4 Hole, 48"X24"X48"
This is a 4 hole unit. It has solid metal dividers so that the cats will not be distracted or want to fight between the cages. This unit is 48"x24"x48" of 2"x1&...
Cat Breeder Cage, 4 Hole, 72"X24"X60"
This 4 hole unit has the same features as the previous cage except that it is 72"x24"x60". This give the individual cages enough room to have an adjustable...
2 Level Cat Breeder Cage
This two level Breeder Cage is 44"x24"x60".  It is roomy enough for a mother with a new litter, or a mother waiting to have a litter.  Each cage is 44"...
3 Level Cat Breeder Cage
This Breeder Cage is our 3 level version. The cage is 44"x24"x72", with each level being 44"x24"x24". Each level comes with one adjustable shelf, a la...
Cat Condo, 4'
Our Cat Condos are nice large cages for cats to be kept in while the owner is away, or as a permanent home. This one is 44"x24"x48" (over 29 cubic feet). It comes wi...
Cat Condo, 5'
This is our 5' tall Cat Condo. It is the same as the 4' version, except that it is 5' tall instead of 4'. This one provides 37 cubic feet of space. It has two doors with two latche...