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Cheek's Custom Cages builds a variety of Aviaries for all occasions. In this category we include all large outdoor structures, whether designed for birds, squirrels, monkeys etc. Most of these projects are one of a kind, designed for a specific location and use. These can be a small backyard patio cage for pet birds, to large breeding facilities for larger animals. Some, however, are standard cages, which we build on a regular basis. The pictures in this section include examples of some of our custom projects and our regular products. Hopefully, you will see something that will inspire your thoughts. If so, please fill out and submit one of our  Custom Quote Request Forms.  If one of our standard products suit your needs, then choose that product, and you will find that you will have the opportunity to customize it in many ways by choosing various options.

Cheek's Custom Cages has developed a clamp that allows standard size or custom built aviary panels to be easily assembled anywhere. It used to be necessary to build a large aviary or breeding facility on location, or to be content with one small enough to be hauled on a flat bed trailer. The freight was so high that it made most projects impossible. Now, with the advent of the new clamp kit, panels can be built that can be assembled upon arrival. Virtually any aviary or breeding facility can be built in our factory, in component form, shipped reasonably, and assembled upon arrival. With this clamp kit, practically no tools are needed and Parrots and Primates cannot disassemble the cages.


We offer complete design consultation and engineering services on all of our cages, but it is especially important in the case of an aviary, or other large and valuable structures.

Many of our designs are a collaboration of the customers ideas and our input. The aviary in the picture above is a 14' x 12' x 12' oval octagon that retails for $10,995.00 as shown.

Once a design is agreed upon, we go to work making a scale drawing of the project, working out all of the details and design challenges, making sure that when it is finished it will fit together smoothly. A welders drawing is made, and a quote is computed.


The panels are built out of 1"x1" triple galvanized steel tubing.  The tubing is triple galvanized both on the inside as well as the outside, making for a very rust resistant material.  When all of the panels have been built, they are then preassembled to be sure the design has no flaws and that when finished, it will be able to go together quickly without unexpected difficulties. The approved panels will then be powder-coated for the looks, and to add another layer of rust protection.  After powder-coating, the panels are then fitted with the wire that will be appropriate for the type of animal being enclosed. For small birds, squirrels, and small monkeys it may be 1"x1/2" PVC coated wire. For large hook-billed birds, and other chewing animals, perhaps 3"x1/2" 12 gauge galvanized wire. For larger monkeys, raccoons, coatis, etc. it may be necessary to use 1"x1"  panel material in 10 gauge.

The wire is attached by means of self-tapping screws and special clips manufactured by Cheek's Custom Cages. The result is a strong, professional panel which will last for years, and be an integral part of a custom designed cage that will suit the animal's and the care taker's needs for years to come.


Here at Cheek's Custom Cages we have designed and now manufacture the clamp kits for a variety of applications. This is what makes it possible for us to design and build such a great variety of enclosure styles and shapes. These clamp kits make the assembly of the panels very strong, yet the structure can be easily assembled and disassembled if necessary. We make clamp kits that connect the panels at 90 degrees, 120 degrees, 135 degrees, and 180 degrees. The kits include two clamp halves, a carriage bolt, and a wing nut or a nylon lock nut. This makes it possible to assemble your aviary with few or no tools. If you have a metal roof such as the Hexagon or Octagon Aviaries, a few tools will be needed on the roof section.


Most of our structures receive a key-locking door handle on the exterior door, while the interior doors are spring loaded and have pull handles.  If you have several cages or multiple compartment cages, we can make sure that all of your doors are keyed alike so that you will only have one key to keep up with. 

All of our panel structures can be anchored to concrete by the use of our anchor kits.  They consist of a  1 1/2" concrete drive anchor, a 2"x2" angle bracket, and two self-tapping hex head screws.  Drill a 1/4" hole in the concrete, place the angle bracket up against the square tubing, drive the anchor through the bracket and into the concrete, and finally install one or two of the self-tapping screws through the angle bracket and into the tubing.  One bracket is usually sufficient for each panel, unless you are dealing with a custom project where the panels are very long.  The large oval octagon shown at the top of this page was installed on the East coast of Florida using these anchor kits and has withstood two major 100 + mph hurricanes without damage.